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Board of Directors (2011)

Elizabeth Bell
Elizabeth Bell
Associates Representative
Guy Gladstone
Guy Gladstone
Mary-Kate Kelly
Mary-Kate Kelly
Derek Lawton
Derek Lawton
Hon. Treasurer
UKCP (HIPS section) Representative
Seamus Nash
Seamus Nash
UKCP (HIPC) Rep, Regional Groups Coordinator

Bill Stanley
Deputy Chair

Board Co-optees

Sylvia Early
Sylvia Early
Acting Chair

Henry Fryer
Ethics Committee Chair
Sally Hart
Sally Hart
Marie Meerson
Marie Meerson
Maggie Lomax
Maggie Lomax Membership Committee Chair

Honorary Life Members
David Boadella
Sally Hart
John Rowan

Administration & Membership Services
Ian Doucet, Alys Daines

All communications should be addressed to UKAHPP at Box BCM AHPP, London WC1N 3XX.  Board and committee members should not be contacted on UKAHPP business via their personal and private addresses, emails or telephone numbers.

UKCP - United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy