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Criteria for UKAHPP Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership of UKAHPP is for members of other professional organisations who wish to be associated with humanistic psychology in general and with UKAHPP in particular, without undergoing the lengthy process of application for Full membership of UKAHPP, and at a reduced annual fee. Affiliates have the same voting rights as Full members, and may sit on all committees. Full and Affiliate members of at least 2 years' standing may sit on the UKAHPP Membership Committee.

Practitioners who consider themselves to be humanistic and are already accredited by another appropriate professional association (provided that this accreditation is reassessed and renewed periodically), and who meet the other criteria set out below, may apply for Affiliate membership of UKAHPP.

The criteria for Affiliate membership require that applicants:

1. use the practice and theory of humanistic psychology in their work;

2. subscribe and adhere to the rules, constitution and ethical codes and procedures of UKAHPP;

3. meet the requirement for Full UKAHPP membership, that they have experienced as client for at least 2 years the form of therapy or counselling they are offering as practitioners;

4. meet the requirement for Full UKAHPP membership, that they are involved in ongoing supervision or review of their work with others experienced in their own field (by way of formal supervision, consultation with other professionals and/or peer group review, which is appropriate to the applicant's background and experience as well as to his/her practice); in the earlier years of practice and when developing new areas of competence applicants should be in supervision with someone more experienced than themselves;

5. can document their current accreditation and full membership of another relevant professional Organisation which reviews and renews its members periodically - please state what are the period and conditions of renewal; in the case of Psychotherapists, the other Organisation must be an accrediting member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy;

6. provide a case study of 2-3,000 words, which demonstrates the humanistic nature of your practice; this may be a case study which you have written already, but must be recent and reflect your current practice, and include reference to how supervision was used; guidelines for the case study are available on request

7. on acceptance, pay the annual membership fee for Affiliates which, in 2009, is £89.

8. that you are a member of AHP(B), the Association for Humanistic Psychology in Britain, for which an application leaflet is enclosed; this must be maintained for your first year of UKAHPP membership, after which it is optional.

Existing Full members of UKAHPP may change to Affiliate status if they meet these criteria, without providing a case study if this formed part of their earlier application for Full membership. (Some Full members have several categories of membership, e.g. Psychotherapist, Group Facilitator, Educator; they will need to remain Full members in order to retain accreditation in any categories not separately accredited.) Affiliate membership is reviewed every 5 years.

How to apply for Affiliate Membership
You can apply for Affiliate membership by letter stating that you meet these criteria, specifying your accrediting Organisation (and its period and conditions of renewal), enclosing your case study and attaching a copy of your certificate of accreditation by that Organisation (or UKCP certificate in the case of Psychotherapists); nine copies of each item are required. Applications are needed at least 3 weeks in advance of a Membership Committee meeting, and are treated on a first come, first received basis.

The next meetings of the Membership Committee are on:

  • 28 January 2011
  • 24 June 2011
  • 21 October 2011

Ian Doucet UKAHPP Administrator
tel: 08457 660326