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Criteria for UKAHPP Full Membership / Accreditation in the category of Therapist

UKAHPP accreditation as a therapist is valid for 5 years, after which renewal of accreditation must be applied for via an assessment process which includes Continuing Professional Development.

A therapist appropriate for accreditation by UKAHPP is a professional capable of working with people over varying periods of time and knowing when and where to refer cases that go beyond his or her own training, capabilities or facilities. There are two routes to UKAHPP therapist accreditation, and further requirements which apply to both routes.

A. Training Route
Applicants must have completed an appropriate diploma or degree level course(s) in therapy comprising a minimum of 450 tutor-contact hours (which does not include any prerequisites to entry requirements, individual therapy, personal study time or peer group work) and a substantial piece of written work. They must have a minimum of 3 years' supervised practice of which 2 years must be after completion of training, and have accumulated at least 450 hours of supervised practice. During the past 2 years a caseload of at least 6 clients must have been maintained, and there must be a minimum caseload of 6 clients at the time of application.

B. Experience Route
Where no acceptable training qualification has been obtained, applicants should have worked as a therapist for a minimum of 8 years, during which they have achieved a minimum of 900 hours' supervised practice at a rate of not less than 1 1/2 hours supervision per month. Accreditation by the experience route would be dependent on a yearly supervisor's report from a humanistic or integrative supervisor approved by UKAHPP for the first 5 years of membership.

Requirements applicable to both Training and Experience routes to Accreditation:

Supervision. Applicants must agree to increase the frequency of therapy supervision if carrying a high caseload or having a high stress level. Peer supervision on its own is not regarded as acceptable for trainees and inexperienced Therapists. Evidence of therapy supervision through statements by past and present supervisors must be provided. Therapy supervision is NOT line management and should be clearly distinguished from such. A short case study is required, for which guidelines are supplied when application forms are requested.

Personal therapy. To be accredited, applicants must have had at least 105 hours of personal therapy consistent with their own core theoretical model, normally with the same practitioner. Applicants must also have experienced the same frequency and length of therapy as that which they are offering, for example, therapists offering twice weekly therapy, or longer duration therapy, must have experienced that frequency or duration themselves.

Orientation. Applicants must show understanding and use of humanistic approaches. Other approaches can be included where they are integrated with a humanistic approach.

Evidence of all training and supervision will be required, by means of application forms including training certificates, supervisor reports and case study.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES: Applicants must present a case for their acceptance in whatever form they find appropriate. This route is for people with disabilities for whom other routes to accreditation would be inappropriate. With this exception, all applications must be made by the application forms in typescript.

All applicants for accreditation / Full membership in any category must first become Associate members of UKAHPP.

(tel: 08457 660326)