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Membership of the UKAHPP is open to humanistic practitioners in a wide range of related disciplines and at different stages of their development. The class of membership determines the accreditation status and career stage of a practitioner's life. The category of membership identifies the discipline(s) for which accreditation has been obtained.

Membership Classes

UKAHPP has the following classes of membership:

Associate members may be humanistic practitioners in fields such as medicine, education, management, social work etc who do not require UKAHPP accreditation, or may be engaged in or have had a humanistic training and be working towards Full membership and accreditation as a Psychotherapist, Counsellor etc. Associates agree to subscribe to the UKAHPP codes of ethics and practice. Associate membership is not limited to any maximum period of time.
Criteria for Associate membership >

Full members, who alone may use the initials 'MAHPP' after their names, have all undergone a rigorous accreditation procedure relevant to their discipline. Full members are required to have completed satisfactorily an appropriate training course and then to have practised under suitable post-training supervision for at least two years. Full members are required to be in ongoing supervision and to maintain a minimum client base. Accreditation lasts for five years after which Full members must show that they continue to meet UKAHPP criteria in order to be re-accredited. Applicants for Full membership / accreditation must first become Associate members.
Criteria for Full membership >

Affiliate members are members of UKAHPP who have been accredited by other organisations, who subscribe to UKAHPP beliefs and who agree to adhere to the UKAHPP codes of ethics and practice.
Criteria for Affiliate membership >

Members Emeritus are Full members aged over 60 who are maintaining a client base below that required for Full membership. They are required to have been accepted for reaccreditation at least twice, and to practice with an appropriate level of supervision and insurance. Some Members Emeritus may have fully retired from practice.

Honorary Life members are members accredited in any of the above classes who have been selected by the membership as having made an outstanding contribution to the practice of humanistic psychology. They are required to conform in every way to the criteria for their class and categories.