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General Criteria for UKAHPP Full Membership

Training: a full training must have been completed successfully; this training may consist of several different courses taken at different times; for some categories of membership (such as Psychotherapist and Counsellor) what constitutes a 'full training' in length and content is specified (see below*).

Post-training supervision must have been completed; a supervisor's report is required; for some categories of membership (such as Psychotherapist and Counsellor) what constitutes the length, frequency and nature of supervision is specified (see below and category-specific details).

Personal therapy: the applicant must have experienced as client the same sort of therapy or humanistic practice as s/he practices (see also specific requirements for certain categories*)

Practice: a minimum caseload must have been maintained.*

*In addition to the general criteria, there are criteria specific to the categories of:
   Group Facilitator, Group Therapist/Counsellor, Group Psychotherapist
   OD Consultant


If you consider that you meet the relevant criteria now, or if you intend to apply for accreditation at some time in the future, please first become an Associate working towards accreditation. See Associate. Further details of the accreditation application process and the relevant forms etc can then be provided.

See also The UKAHPP Application Process for Accreditation (Word document).